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Our story is unique.

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Make Your Memories

Our mission...

To help make amazing more of life's most memorable moments by providing high-quality hospitality, services and amenities for almost any occasion.

By providing a high-quality multipurpose facility that capitalizes on the simple elegance of country hospitality and the natural beauty of Butler County, the FlutterBye Ranch will continue to grow in services and amenities that will serve our mission.....to help make more amazing the most memorable moments in life.

Our venue...
The FlutterBye Pavilion will provide a special venue for a variety of events.  Nestled beside an idyllic country pond, surrounded by assorted wildflowers and pristine prairie, the Pavilion promises to promote & preserve nature's best local backdrop, the fantastic Flint Hills.  With a lofty 20 foot high ceiling, the event space easily seats 150 and has 24 feet of double doors opening to the amazing sunset.  The Pavilion can host weddings, as well as graduations, reunions, corprate, club and community meetings.  Also included are a Service kitchen & bar, 2 ADA compliant bathrooms, a FEMA spec saferoom, as well as additonal indoor and outdoor seating to create a fully accommodating facility for parties totaling 200+ guests.  The FBP will appeal to a multitude of people planning for assorted gatherings.  We will graciously host anything from family celebrations and corprate holidays to 4H, church and community meetings & classes, as well as the expected weddings and other special occasions. 

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1001 SW 140th, Leon, Kansas 67074


As many of you know there are a lot of ways to get to the FlutterBye, The most direct route is now shown on this map.  The nearly 100 year old bridge on Haverhill road is closed for replacement 2 miles south of hwy 400.  If you want dirt roads there are lots of options...this route is paved.

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