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Our story...

The FlutterBye Pavilion is most definitely a family endeavor.  A fourth-generation owner of this property, Shannon Hettenbach, and her husband Zachary have teamed up over the last 15 years to expand on a dream that Shannon has had since she was a little girl dipping her toes in the Hickory Creek....to make the family farm something that could be shared by many and enjoyed for generations to come.  That dream has grown up, too, and has taken the form of what Zach calls "Calling in the Country."  He provides operational and technical support to the 2 person team.  Along with daughter Ruby, the Hettenbachs are building on the founding principles of the Crowley Family to continue a legacy of respect for this diverse and generous land.

The FlutterBye Pavilion is commited to being the best in the industry at meeting the needs of its guests, exceeding expectations and providing the best experience possible.

Zach & Shannon Hettenbach

Zach & daughter Ruby

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1001 SW 140th, Leon, Kansas 67074

As many of you know there are a lot of ways to get to the FlutterBye, The most direct route from Augusta is shown on this map.  The nearly 100 year old bridge was replaced and the NEW bridge on Haverhill road is NOW OPEN!!!  


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