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The FlutterBye at Crowley Ranch

Whether your looking to reconnect with yourself  thru a get-a-way in the woods, watch amazing sunrises & sunsets, soaking away  the day with your feet in the Hickory Creek or simply enjoying a relaxed and spacious climate controlled lodge with a group of friends, family or co-workers....we've got you covered.



To help make amazing more of life's most memorable moments by providing high-quality hospitality, services and amenities for almost any occasion.

By providing a high-quality, multipurpose lodge that capitalizes on the simple elegance of country hospitality and the natural beauty of  Kansas, the FlutterBye will provide amenities that will serve our help make more amazing the most memorable moments in life.



"A walk in nature

walks the soul 

back home."

- Mary Davis


About our Dream

The FlutterBye Pavilion is most definitely a family endeavor.  As fourth-generation owner of this property, Shannon Crowley- Hettenbach, and her husband Zachary have teamed up over the last 15 years to expand on a dream that Shannon has had since she was a little girl dipping her toes in the Hickory make the family ranch something that could be shared by many and enjoyed for generations to come.  That dream has grown up and has taken the form of what Zach calls "Calling in the Country."  He provides operational and technical support to the 2 person team.  Along with daughter Ruby, the Hettenbachs are building on the founding principles of the Crowley Family to continue a legacy of respect for this diverse and generous land.

The FlutterBye is committed to being the best in the industry at meeting the needs of its guests, exceeding expectations and providing the best experience possible.

Our Services at the FlutterBye


Family Fun Package

An educational afternoon of fun on the ranch with hiking, feeding the ranch horses, checking the cattle, looking for arrow heads, metal detecting, learning the basics of timber management for the sawmill, prairie clearing and maintenance for long term sustainability, and so much more.  Wrap it up with an evening meal, sunset and a comfy bed in the lodge.  Wake up to scones, fresh cut fruit and coffee in the morning.


activities are seasonal and change 

contact us directly for details


The Weekend Get Together

Start your weekend  with your closest friends and family enjoying yard games and your favorite tunes while gearing up for the festivities.  Wake up the next morning to fresh coffee, pastries, fruit and an incredible sunrise.  Make your memories of a life time on your own schedule, bring your favorite food or let our fully licensed food and beverage team take care of your needs. 


Guest and time limits apply, contact us directly for details.



Dinner Date on the Patio

Enjoy an evening on the patio with a dinner to accompany the incredible sunset.  Hiking, fishing, biking and fire pit are all options available with the over night stay for 2 guests as well as breakfast scones, fresh fruit and coffee in the morning. 

contact us directly for details


History on the Crowley Ranch

In the heart of Butler County, Kansas, the Bloomington township became the home of John R. Crowley who began purchasing land to assemble one of the largest in the area in 1897.  Upon arrival to the area in 1881 as a 16 year old young man from Kentucky, he began working on the Kibbie Ranch just a few miles west of where he would later raise his family.  Over the years, the Crowley Ranch grew to total of over 2,200 acres of varying ground that included rich bottom ground for crops, rivers, creeks, natural springs ,and  native grass lands on the edge of the Flint Hills.  The 400+ acres  of ground that we continue to ranch 130+ years later, is just a small portion of that original.  One of the most historical spots in the Bloomington Township is the Freedom Post Office that was located just a few hundred feet from the FlutterBye.  Though the building that was the post office ran by Frederick Franke has been gone for many years, the hand dug limestone lined well is still there along with many frequent finds of assorted bottles and shards of broken crocks.  Also still around is the letter from the Post Master General to Mr. Franke dated 1874, a hand written note from Mr. Franke as well as the grave stone of his wife Nancy(just about 3 miles up the road from the FlutterBye).   

Freedom certificate 1874 M1126-189-0654.jpg
Freedom letter 1874 M1126-189-0655.jpg

Fun at the FlutterBye

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